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At The Wood’s Edge, we’ve created somewhat of a newsletter; we created a new category of posts titled Trail Signs. This is where we will inform or post information regarding the trails ahead and what changes are planned of the trails. Also, we want to use this for general communication with our readers. The comments section will be open for these posts so we can have healthy dialogue about the experiences along the trails. We also want hikers to be able to communicate about the new information from the Trail Signs.

  • Back in July, Martin James Wood has been featured on Parks and Points website with a piece titled Morning on Assateague Island, which is a shortened version of a posting from Wood’s Journal, Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

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  • Recently the Wood’s Shop of Prints and Such has now opened for business. Currently in the shop we have three canvas mount boards of Martin James Wood’s artwork available in two different sizes, 8 x 10 and 11 x 14. These prints are on premium canvas boards with an excerpt of a journal entry from Wood’s Journal along with the sketch or artwork that was created for the particular entry. The back of the canvas boards have the full journal entry and print title displayed. These prints can be purchased in a Quarterly Set of three boards or individually. The plan is to have a journal canvas mount board for each month of the year. They are available to collect for the year, individually or in the Quarterly Sets of three.

first quarter 2016

The shop will have more prints to come, along with items such as mugs with quotes and other related novelty products.

  • With paid membership of only $18.74 for one year, members receive a free 8 x 10 Wood’s Membership Print with the membership watermark. This years membership print is from Wood’s Journal, Friday, March 11, 2016. The year in which you purchase the membership will be the year’s membership print received.

Wood's Membership Print offer

All Wood’s Members (one month and yearly) have access of viewing Wood’s Journal and all the entries. They also have access to Wood’s Reflection and are able to submit pictures and inspirational experiences they would like to share for Shared Inspirations. Yearly members also receive a code for discounts off of  Martin James Wood’s prints and artwork available on Wood’s Shop of Prints and Such.

Below is an excerpt of what has been added to our “About” page. This is to help enhance an understanding of our beliefs here at The Wood’s Edge.



As we have stated on our social media; WE WANT TO SPREAD MORE #twe! (our acronym), which means and stands for, ALL THAT WE’RE ABOUT! You could say this is our mission and that we’re a little excited about it.

We are all about providing you with the ease of a refreshing and inspirational online publication which you can access at anytime from anywhere, which also will not bog you down with distracting ads and sluggish website operation… How annoying is that? right?,,, “Yeahhh!”,,, We knew you’d say that…

Our founder, Martin James Wood, is committed to The Wood’s Edge having its core focus on the natural world and wholesome quality. After all, nature and wholesome go together, right?,,, “Yep”, We knew you’d say that, to… We also agree and know it doesn’t get any better than that,,, right?… Ok, enough with the corny back and forth…

(the sound of throat clearing) We want you and everyone to know, when we say TWE, #twe or make a sound of twe,,, we are talking about, as shown in the image below which we’ve used on our twitter:

True inspiration from nature, love and peace, high-up mountains, unspoiled rivers, tall pines swaying, hidden valleys, primitive ocean beaches, the sound of an evening’s whippoorwill and a morning’s bubbling mountain brook…

twitter photo about twe_edited-9

“WHOAA!!! How cool is that! One little acronym can mean all that?” You might be thinking, in a gnarly kinda way…

Oh,,, and yeah,,, it also means,,, high quality, integrity, honesty and WHOLESOME!!!

“WHEW… That’s a lot”,,, you might say…  And your right.

You might also say, in a genuinely perplexed kinda way, while scratching your head, “how can they fit all of that into three letters, like that?”

Well, we say,,, (the sound of throat clearing again) “please join our Wood’s Membership or become a Wood’s Choice Partner of our WHOLESOME products and services and then see how we can fit all that into three little letters.”

It’s with the support of everyone as to how this endeavor is accomplished!!!

Oh,,, and yeah,,, which reminds us, CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION is all a part of  those three little letters also, as 5% of everyone’s membership goes toward this, as pledged by Martin James Wood!



© 2016, The Wood’s Edge Publications/Martin James Wood. All rights reserved.

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