Trail Signs: Taking Care of What’s Important

Now that Spring has sprung and the evidence of it has been abounding all around us;

purple bleeding hearts, yellow buttercups, white daisies, white mayapples, white milkweed, purple hooded orchids, blue fieldmadder, blue and purple spiderwort, yellow lanceleaf coreopsis and the nobel white of the queen ann’s lace;

Photo by Martin James Wood

,,, purple and lavender venus’ looking glass, white mapleleaf vibernum, yellow wood poppys, pink and white multiflora rose, the many colors of the azalea and the fruit tree blossoms;

Photo by Martin James Wood

,,, purple creeping Charlie, white heartleaf foamflower, Virginia bluebells, blossoming white dogwoods, pink and white mountain laurel, white, pink, red and purple rhododendrons and the many varieties of red, purple, white, blue, pink and lavender phlox,,, just to name a few colorful plants;

Photo by Martin James Wood

,,, and don’t forget about the many greens of the new formed leaves, grasses and fresh ferns;  and the changing olive greens of the dormant wintered moss to the now vibrant lighter spring greens;

Photo by Martin James Wood

,,, and also, along with this explosion of many colors,,, there are the welcoming sweet fragrances which are hovering and twisting along the ethereal winds,,,

,,,whew,,, that’s a lot goin’ on,,,

Photo by Martin James Wood

,,, again, as we were saying; now that spring has sprung and the evidence of  it has been abounding all around us, we can’t help but feeling more alive this time of year…

Photo by Martin James Wood

Spring is a reminder of new beginings or rejuvenation. It has a way of telling our minds of what needs to be done and what needs taken care of, or restored. It gives energy to stagnation, so,,, we ought to move and do what needs done… Take care of those things which are important and have been lingering on our minds; old relationships, new relationships, important projects, the obvious tasks in front of us and those long thought about dreams of ours… Create and rejuvenate… While your at it,,, subscribe to our “Wood’s Membership” and receive some periodic inspiration, and at the same time you will be HELPING to save our forests and wetlands as pledged by Martin James Wood (5% of your membership costs go to this). We need your help and contributions,,, and its helping with, taking care of what’s important…

We want to thank all of our readers, subscribers, followers and partners for their contributions and interest. It is with this much needed support of how we are able to continue to provide the experiences at The Wood’s Edge. But much more is needed to continue. Today’s internet is packed full of material and regretfully saying, a lot of negative, harmful and immoral content. Our focus is to counter that with wholesome, pure, upstanding and inspirational content relative to our natural world. For us to continue with this goal, we need like minded membership subscribers, corporate sponsors and advertising partners. Part of membership cost goes toward forest  and wetland preservation and membership allows access to all of our trails on our website and a 20% discount at our store. Sponsorship and partnership has many advertising benefits along with social media promotions. We hope that we can make a difference on the world wide web and hopefully otherwise, with providing therapeutic refuge along the trails at The Wood’s Edge. We need those who want to provide wholesomeness and peace to our world through the outdoors and nature and we humbly ask those for their help and support so that we may continue…

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Below we’ve again included the excerpt from our “About” page and hope that you will take the time to read it. We want everyone to understand what TWE is about and hope that they will get the real “twe’xperience”…

In our last “Trail Signs”, we talked about how we musn’t forget the past. because the past is what helps form our future. And,,, sometimes these past experiences are very special and meaningful to us. So let’s remember what’s important, and take care of it.

  • Martin James Wood recorded a journal entry from February 24, 2017, of hiking at McConnells Mill State Park outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was also posted as a featured article on April 28, 2017 in celebration of Arbor Day.
    Photo by Martin James Wood


  • Also in April, Martin James Wood wrote a reflection for Wood’s Reflection titled, “We Are Like Mountains”. He reflects on how we need nourishment for our spiritual health much like the mountains need nourishment for its natural environment’s health, and how by taking care of this allows for us to be nourishing for others much like the mountains providing for the forest’s needs and ours.
    Photo by Martin James Wood


  • Last September Martin James Wood wrote a poetic piece titled, “From The Cabin’s Front Porch” . If you had ever sat a spell on an end of a summer’s eve, you might relate of such an evening.. This piece has been featured on Wild Ozark on March 18th 2017.
    Artwork by Martin James Wood


  • Back in March, Parks and Points featured “Morning Along The Blue Ridge” written by Martin James Wood. This was first published here as a journal entry on Wood’s Journal as his Friday August 5th entry commemorating the National Park Service for its 100 years of service.
    Photo by Martin James Wood


  • In the Wood’s Shop of Prints and Such we have three canvas mount boards of Martin James Wood’s artwork available in two different sizes, 8 x 10 and 11 x 14. These prints are on premium canvas boards with an excerpt of a journal entry from Wood’s Journal along with the sketch or artwork that was created for that particular entry. The back of the canvas boards have the full journal entry and print title displayed. These prints can be purchased in a Quarterly Set of three boards or individually. The plan is to have a journal canvas mount board for each month of the year from 2016. They are available to collect, individually or in the Quarterly Sets of three.

first quarter 2016
front side of print boards
back side of print board

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Below is an excerpt from our “About” page. This is to help enhance an understanding of our beliefs here at The Wood’s Edge.



As we have stated on our social media; WE WANT TO SPREAD MORE #twe! (our acronym), which means and stands for, ALL THAT WE’RE ABOUT! You could say this is our mission and that we’re a little excited about it.

We are all about providing you with the ease of a refreshing and inspirational online publication which you can access at anytime from anywhere, which also will not bog you down with distracting ads and sluggish website operation… How annoying is that? right?,,, “Yeahhh!”,,, We knew you’d say that…

Our founder, Martin James Wood, is committed to The Wood’s Edge having its core focus on the natural world and wholesome quality. After all, nature and wholesome go together, right?,,, “Yep”, We knew you’d say that, to… We also agree and know it doesn’t get any better than that,,, right?… Ok, enough with the corny back and forth…

(the sound of throat clearing) We want you and everyone to know, when we say TWE, #twe or make a sound of twe,,, we are talking about, as shown in the image below which we’ve used on our twitter:

True inspiration from nature, love and peace, high-up mountains, unspoiled rivers, tall pines swaying, hidden valleys, primitive ocean beaches, the sound of an evening’s whippoorwill and a morning’s bubbling mountain brook…

twitter photo about twe_edited-9

“WHOAA!!! How cool is that! One little acronym can mean all that?” You might be thinking, in a gnarly kinda way…

Oh,,, and yeah,,, it also means,,, high quality, integrity, honesty and WHOLESOME!!!

“WHEW… That’s a lot”,,, you might say…  And your right.

You might also say, in a genuinely perplexed kinda way, while scratching your head, “how can they fit all of that into three letters, like that?”

Well, we say,,, (the sound of throat clearing again) “please join our Wood’s Membership or become a Wood’s Choice Partner of our WHOLESOME products and services and then see how we can fit all that into three little letters.”

It’s with the support of everyone as to how this endeavor is accomplished!!!

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Let’s have a peek at our

If you think you have a product or service that meets our “wholesome” criteria, as we believe high quality and upstanding fall under the category of wholesome, then click  HERE  and send us your product or service information along with all your contact information and we will get back with you about your sponsorship or advertising of your wholesome product or service. In the subject line of the email, please enter “Wood’s Choice” inquiry.

The key word here my friends, is,,, WHOLESOME”… No messin’ around… Only the best for our readers!                                                          

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Martin James Wood 


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