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From The Cabin’s Front Porch


Written by: Martin James Wood

This evening while sitting on the cabin’s front porch, nestled along the forest’s edge and some tucked away farm fields and age-old pastures, I decide to set here and not move, and watch the evening pass…

The leaves among the trees are as dark, of a green, as they are going to be in this late time of summer.

The rising and falling fields of corn are flaunting their yellow tassels in neatly textured rows,,, and the lush soybean fields exhibit their rich dark green color, as the wind gently caresses the sea of green maturation like the subtle waves of the ocean.

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the red cherry crabapples have come on, sporting the trees with tiny red dots amongst the faded green branches.

The indefinite droning of the crickets with their hypnotic chorus continues on into the later evening.

From the cabin’s front porch, I can hear an occasional crow caw, as it loudly breaks the evening’s sound of the monotonous crickets. I recognize this sound, as this is a sound heard often in the fall season, among these cornfields and woods.

From the cabin’s front porch, I gaze out at the blue sky backdrop which compliments the contrasting elements of the dark green trees standing behind the yellowed tipped corn.

A cooler breeze cuts through the trees in the warm humid air. I become aware of a sudden interrupting burst of some robins cackling in the near distance…

From the cabin’s front porch, I perceive the quiet from all around… No sounds from any roads, near or far,,, as was one of the reasons why I had chosen to settle on this place, many decades ago…

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the beach nuts are starting to show themselves with their prickly husks of soft needles, which I know will eventually turn firmer as the fall season progresses.

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the oaks’ branches are heavy with their crop of nuts and red stemmed thick green leaves.

Higher up the mountain, the winds pick up and softly sweep along the lonely tops of the lofty timber…

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the goldenrod has begun to dress up the untouched forgotten meadows.

From the cabin’s front porch, I hear geese break the silence from above, as they effortlessly pass over, performing their early ensemble of autumn… Afterwards, I hear a couple doves cooing somewhere along the edges of a distant mountain pasture…

From the cabin’s front porch, I hear a family cow bawling for its supper from the valley below, in the evenings now cooler air…

From the cabin’s front porch, I also can see the mighty oaks’ acorns have begun to let go of the branches… The azaleas’ leaves have begun to turn their crimson red,,, and the sumacs are full of their red fruit.

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the hardwood cherry is producing its pea-like berries of red and some already dark violet.

From the cabin’s front porch, I can see the dark green rhododendrons have begun to curl their leaves, and the laurel leaves have turned their lighter yellow-green which are pointing upward toward the sky.

The sun gently shines across the rolling farm fields spread out beyond the cabin’s porch and lights the land ablaze with golds and yellows as the sky farther off gradually transforms from hues of blue to orange, yellow and brown.

From the cabin’s front porch, I listen to the peepers as they begin to fade in with the symphonic monotonicity of the crickets,,, as the cool late summer evening fades out, with the approaching of dusk…

Now standing,,, very still in front of my chair,,, and removing my hat as I stare a long while into the night… Humbly, I walk toward the door and lightly grasp the handle while taking one last glance over my shoulder. Softly opening the door, I slowly step inside,,, from the cabin’s front porch…


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Trail Signs: #twe

At The Wood’s Edge, we’ve created somewhat of a newsletter; we created a new category of posts titled Trail Signs. This is where we will inform or post information regarding the trails ahead and what changes are planned of the trails. Also, we want to use this for general communication with our readers. The comments section will be open for these posts so we can have healthy dialogue about the experiences along the trails. We also want hikers to be able to communicate about the new information from the Trail Signs.

  • Back in July, Martin James Wood has been featured on Parks and Points website with a piece titled Morning on Assateague Island, which is a shortened version of a posting from Wood’s Journal, Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

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Below is an excerpt of what has been added to our “About” page. This is to help enhance an understanding of our beliefs here at The Wood’s Edge.



As we have stated on our social media; WE WANT TO SPREAD MORE #twe! (our acronym), which means and stands for, ALL THAT WE’RE ABOUT! You could say this is our mission and that we’re a little excited about it.

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Our founder, Martin James Wood, is committed to The Wood’s Edge having its core focus on the natural world and wholesome quality. After all, nature and wholesome go together, right?,,, “Yep”, We knew you’d say that, to… We also agree and know it doesn’t get any better than that,,, right?… Ok, enough with the corny back and forth…

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True inspiration from nature, love and peace, high-up mountains, unspoiled rivers, tall pines swaying, hidden valleys, primitive ocean beaches, the sound of an evening’s whippoorwill and a morning’s bubbling mountain brook…

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“WHOAA!!! How cool is that! One little acronym can mean all that?” You might be thinking, in a gnarly kinda way…

Oh,,, and yeah,,, it also means,,, high quality, integrity, honesty and WHOLESOME!!!

“WHEW… That’s a lot”,,, you might say…  And your right.

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